Updated DFX/DWG plug-in | Illustrator CS3

This document describes the updated optional DxfDwg.aip plug-in for Illustrator CS3. It also covers installation requirements and installation process.

About this DXF/DWG plug-in

This updated plug-in creates layers in Illustrator CS3 that correspond to the layers in the DFX or DWG file and imports the objects in the corresponding layer. However, because of differences in the way layers are treated in Illustrator and AutoCAD, object stacking order may change after importing a DFX or DWG file with this plug-in.

Install this optional plug-in only if you want to maintain the layer hierarchy while opening a DXFor DWG file in Illustrator CS3. This plug-in works for all languages and operating systems that meet the minimum system requirements for Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Installation requirements

To use the DWF/DWG plug-in, you must meet these requirements:

  • Illustrator CS3 13.0 or greater installed
  • Mac OS 1.4.8, Mac OS 10.5, Windows XP with Service Pack 2, or Windows Vista

Installation instructions

  1. Download the DFX/DWG plugin.

    • For Windows, download DxfDwg.aip.
    • For Mac OS, download AiCS3dfx.dmg.
  2. Quit Illustrator CS3 if it is running.
  3. Mac Only: Mount AiCS3dxf.dmg to access the DxfDwg.aip file.
  4. Navigate to the "Illustrator Formats" folder in the Illustrator CS3 installation folder.

    • Default location for Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3\Plug-ins\Illustrator Formats
    • Default location for Mac OS: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS3/Plug-ins/Illustrator Formats

    Please be aware that the path names might be different on your machine if you have installed a non-English version of Illustrator CS3. In this case, please navigate to the appropriate corresponding folder.

  5. Remove the existing DxfDwg.aip file from this folder and move it to another folder outside of the Illustrator application directory. Renaming the file is not sufficient as Illustrator may attempt to load the file regardless of its filename/extension.
  6. Copy the new DxfDwg.aip plug-in to the Illustrator Formats folder.
  7. Start Illustrator CS3.
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