When you use InDesign or InCopy CS4 or later on a 2012 Mac OS X Lion system, you receive a blank warning dialog box. The application crashes when you perform certain functions.


Solution 1

  • InDesign CS4 and later: Update Mac OS X 10.7 to Mac OS X 10.8.
  • InDesign CS6 only: Install the latest updates for InDesign CS6 by going to Help > Updates within the application.

Solution 2

  1. Download and run the following script.


  2. The script asks you to choose a copy of InDesign/InCopy to update. Direct the script to your current installation.

Solution 3

The following steps are the same solution as Solution 1, but the files are copied manually. Do them if Solution 2 is not successful.

  1. Close InDesign and download the zip archive containing three InDesign icons.



    Placing these files should continue to allow additional updates. But be aware that you are modifying the existing application file. Moving or changing the contents of the application can make it necessary to reinstall the application.

    Adobe recommends installing all official updates before placing these files within the application. You can access these updates through Help > Updates or on the Adobe website.

  2. Extract the icons from the zip file to an easy to find location, such as your desktop.

  3. Navigate to: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS6/ or where the application is installed on your system.

  4. Right click or CTRL+Click the InDesign application file and choose "Show Package Contents."

  5. Within the InDesign application file, navigate to: /Contents/MacOS/Required/ and locate the file "Application UI.InDesignPlugin" and again "Show Package Contents."

  6. Within the plug-in, navigate to the Resources folder and then into the folder "idrc_PNGA."

  7. Copy the three icon files from the extracted zip file to the folder "idrc_PNGA."

  8. Relaunch InDesign.

Solution 4

Do not install the Mac OS X (Mid 2012) Software Update to 10.7.4. Or, uninstall it if possible, by using the recovery function of Mac OS X Lion.

Additional information

The latest update for Mac OS X Lion has removed an API file that InDesign uses to work with system icons. By placing the files directly within the applications, you are working around the function the API served.

Adobe has been able to work with Apple to help make sure these APIs are present within their latest release of Mac OS 10.8.

At this time, the only working solution for CS4 is to install the more recent Mac OS 10.8.

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