Get started with editing, organizing, and sharing your photos through Lightroom Classic and Photoshop desktop and mobile photography applications.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is now Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, with the same functionality and features. If you're looking for the all-new photography service, check out Lightroom CC.


What is the Creative Cloud Photography plan?

The photography plan includes the worlds best photography tools, which enable you to organize, edit, enhance, and share images on your desktop or mobile device anywhere, anytime. The plan includes Lightroom desktop, mobile, and web along with Photoshop CC and Photoshop Mix.

Lightroom desktop is home base, where you'll edit, organize, share, and print your photos. When you're on the go, use Lightroom mobile to edit and organize photos. Your changes sync back with Lightroom desktop.

Use Photoshop CC for more complex edits and Photoshop Mix (on your devices) to make composites and other edits in a snap.

Apps at work in the Creative Cloud Photography plan

How to get the apps

To get the apps, download the Creative Cloud Desktop app and sign in with your Adobe ID.

From the app, download Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. The app also gives you access to software updates, so that you're always using the most recent software version available to you.

Downloading apps via the Creative Cloud desktop app

Start your photography apps   

Find Photoshop and Lightroom in your system. For Mac default installs, this is typically at Applications > Adobe Lightroom (folder) > Adobe Lightroom. For PC default installs, this is typically at Start > Adobe Lightroom (for Windows 8), and Start > All Programs > Lightroom (for Windows 7).

If you downloaded Lightroom mobile or Photoshop Mix from the App Store or iTunes, find the apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: To open image files in Lightroom or Lightroom mobile, you must import them.

Launching your photography apps

The photography workflow: Lightroom > Photoshop > Lightroom 

Typically, you'll spend most of your time in Lightroom on your desktop to organize, edit, print, and share photos.

When you need to do more advanced retouching, combine photos into a composition, or add text to a photo, you'll go to Photoshop directly from Lightroom.

When you save your file in Photoshop, your updated file shows up in your Lightroom Library alongside your unaltered original. Then, you can continue to organize, edit, print, and share your photo.

Photography workflow: organize and edit in Lightroom; composite and retouch in Photoshop; edit and share in Lightroom

Get the mobile apps

Download Lightroom mobile and Photoshop Mix from the App Store or iTunes, for use on your iPad or iPhone. These come with your Creative Cloud Photography plan.  

Follow the steps in Get started with Lightroom mobile to learn more about editing and sharing your photos on the go.

Downloading the mobile apps

What to do next

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