Learn how to delete your individual Adobe account to permanently remove your email and personal information from our systems.


You can delete only an individual account. You can’t delete an enterprise or federated account.

How to delete your Adobe account

You can delete your account only if you don’t have an active subscription. When you delete your account, you lose access to Adobe products and services including any files in the cloud. Deleting your account is permanent and data loss is irretrievable.

  1. Make a local copy or backup of your files, photos, videos, stock images, and other projects that are stored with Adobe.

  2. In Privacy settings, scroll down to Delete Account. Then click Continue.

    Privacy Settings
  3. Carefully read the text in the Delete account screen. When you are ready to delete your account, click Continue.

    Information about deleting account
  4. If prompted to cancel a plan or leave an organization, follow the onscreen instructions.

    Cancel plan or leave organization
  5. In the Delete account screen, click Continue.

    Continue to delete account
  6. In the Final confirmation screen, select Yes I understand and want to permanently delete this Adobe account. Then click Confirm delete account.

    Confirm delete account