Complete instructions for upgrading versions (5.0+) of Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Upgrading the Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics solution from any 5.x version or later is a straight forward process of importing the new package, verifying some configuration elements, and then letting the package install. The process from start to finish generally takes under 15 minutes for most administrators.

DO NOT uninstall the existing package.

The upgrade process will update the existing package with the new content in place.

Previous customizations will remain intact and the user experience will be unchanged.


To obtain the upgrade package, please contact your account Customer Success Manager.

Installing the package

Log in to your Dynamics CRM environment as an Administrator

  • Navigate to Settings > Solutions
Navigate to Main > Settings > Solutions

The All Solutions page loads:

  • Click the Import icon
The Import icon

The Select Solution Package page loads:

  • Browse to the Adobe Sign v6 file that you downloaded
  • Click Next
Browse to the Adobe Sign v5 binary

The Solution Information page loads:

  • Click Next
The Solution Information page

The Import Options page loads:

  • Ensure that Stage for upgrade is unchecked
  • Ensure that Overwrite customizations is selected
  • Ensure that the Enable any SDK message processing steps… option is checked
  • Click Import
The Import Options page

The Importing Solution page loads and imports the package. 

This process may take a few minutes. Once the process is completed, you should receive a success message.

  • Click Close
The imported package

Changes in version 6

Agreement templates have been removed from User access, and are manages under the administrator’s authority.  Users no longer can define their own templates, and instead have a list of templates they can select from when sending an agreement.  This provides improved consistency across all transactions, and ensures that data mappings are uniformly applied.

After the update is completed, all the previous user defined agreement templates will be placed into the Agreement Templates page and set to an inactive status. It is suggested that each template be reviewed, deleting any duplicates, and editing/saving any that can be used across the organization.

The templates themselves have been expanded.

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