Cancel a transaction

There are many reasons why you would want to cancel an agreement that is out for signature or waiting for your signature. The process is simple, and canceled transactions are still kept on your Manage page for your reference.


Only the sender of a document can cancel it.

Once a transaction has been canceled, it cannot be resent. Canceling is a permanent action.

  1. Go to the Manage page and click the transaction that you want to cancel. Then, click Cancel in the upper-right corner.


    You can cancel active transactions only. You can find active transactions under Waiting for Me to Sign and Out for Signature. Documents under the other categories have the Cancel option replaced with Delete.

  2. Checking the Notify other parties by email options sends a message to the recipients for the transaction. The email lets them know the transaction has been canceled. Enter an optional reason for canceling the transaction and click the red Cancel button.


  3. The transaction record moves to the Canceled/Declined category, the Cancel option converts to Delete, and a message appears informing you that the transaction has been canceled.


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