Create a group

Multiuser Adobe Sign accounts get access to the Group feature. Groups allow you to have separate subsets of users that have access to different Library Documents, and different settings (such as logos and CC’d parties).

When you add a user to your account, they're automatically placed into the default group. This group is the main group for your account, and all the settings that you have set on the account tab apply to this group.


Only the account administrator can create groups.

  1. You can add a group to your account by logging in as an account admin and clicking the Account tab, and then clicking Groups.

    Click the plus icon in the upper-right corner. 

  2. Enter the name of the group you want to create in the Group Name field.

    Click Save.

    Group Name Panel
  3. The new group is added to the list on the Groups tab.


Creating groups video tutorial

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