Adobe Sign for MS Dynamics CRM Release Notes

This document provides detailed information about the new features and changes that are included in the current release (v8) of the Adobe Sign integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM v8.2+ (both hosted and on-premise). You can take advantage of the new features after downloading and installing the new package. (See the Upgrade Guide and Installation and Customization Guide.)

New and improved capabilities

Sales Hub support for Dynamics 365 v9 installations

The Adobe Sign for Dynamics 365 v8 package extends functionality into the Sales Hub for customers that have deployed on Dynamics 365 version 9.x

The Sales Hub makes available all of the Adobe Sign functionaity for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Previous Releases

Improved UI to align with the Dynamics 9.0 web client UI refresh

The user interface has been completely redesigned to comply with the Dynamics 9.0 web client UI refresh.

Both the Admin and User interface have been refactored to better expose available features in a more compact browser footprint.

Workflow support

Dynamics workflows are fully supported with the addition of six activities, two commonly used actions, and one fully prepared workflow.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be exposed by the Dynamics Admin, allowing users to authenticated to their Team or Enterprise LinkedIn accounts, and retrieve the LinkedIn profiles for their recipients. 

"Quick Create" an agreement from a template

Users can Create a new agreement directly from the New (+) icon in the top ribbon.

Users only need to supply the Entity that is related to the Template they want to send, the recipient, and the actual template from a list.

Hybrid Routing

Hybrid Routing allows for a complex signature flow that includes both sequential signature steps, and parallel signatures in the same signature process by using the Recipient Order fields to indicate individuals, or groups of individuals in the same order step.

Adobe Sign for Dynamics 365 Patch (v7.0.0.1)

Performance enhancments and bug fixes

Templates have been greatly enhanced

  • Templates are built and controlled under the Administrators authority.
  • Templates are now tied to Entities, giving the ability to make functional templates that preformat agreements with recipient chains, custom messages, pre-attached files, and other options.
  • With templates becoming function based, Data Mapping is tied closely to template function, ensuring that as templates are used, the correct data exchange is taking place.
  • Templates now have an Auto-Send option that will send an agreement for signature once it is selected, without opening the configuration window/send page.

Only I sign

A new feature that allows a user to sign a document without having to involve any other recipients. This works well for internal documents where your team can selected documents they need to sign by themselves. 

Post-Sign URL redirection

Post-Sign URL redirection has been added, allowing you to deliver your signer to a web site of your choosing after they have signed their document.

Personalize agreements using field content from Dynamics

The Agreement Name and Message fields now allow insertion of Dynamics field values. Type a left brace { into the field, and you are presented with a list of field names from the entity that the agreement (or template) is tied to.  These field names will insert the related field content when the agreement is sent, creating an automated system for personalizing your communications.

Send Report for Signature removed

The Send Report for Signature feature has been removed for compliance with MSFT regulations.


Rebranded to Adobe Sign

You’ll see Adobe Sign where you previously saw Adobe Document Cloud eSign (or Adobe eSign Services for short) as evidence of the rebranding.

Elimination of the MS Silverlight dependency

MS Silverlight is no longer a required element to using the application. Browser support includes IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari 3+

Full Mac Support

Mac users rejoice! Adobe Sign for MS Dynamics now fully supports users that prefer Apple systems.

Added auto provisioning of users through MS Dynamics

A new custom preference has been added for v5. When enabled, users who send agreements in MS Dynamics are automatically auto-provisioned with an Adobe Sign user account. 

REST-based APIs

To improve efficiency, flexibility and processing speed, Adobe Sign—and consequently the integration for MS Dynamics—has migrated from SOAP-based to REST-based APIs. 

Adobe Sign Library Documents

Administrators can store commonly used documents on the Adobe Sign server and make them available to all users via a drop-down on the New Agreement page.

Enabled MS Dynamics Turbo Forms

Turbo Forms can now be leveraged for quicker document generation

Personal Agreement Templates

All users have a personal Agreement Template to customize the default values for any new Agreement they open.

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