Adobe Acrobat Sign Domain Claiming

How to secure your domain names in Adobe Acrobat Sign

By default, any brand new users can be added to an Adobe Acrobat Sign account by an Account Admin.

However, if that user’s email address already exists in the Acrobat Sign system, the admin is prevented from adding that user unless that user’s email Domain is listed in the ‘Safe List’ for the account.

Accounts have two options of adding users based on email domain:

  • Manual Add - Allows an administrator of the account to move existing FREE users whose email address is in the XXX domain, into the given account.
  • Auto Add - All new users subsequently created whose email address is in the XXX domain will be automatically provisioned in the given account. for example:
    • When a recipient (whose email matches your domain) signs an agreement for the first time
    • When a new user tries to log in with your hostname specific URL with auto-provisioning enabled
      • eg:

If you manage your Acrobat Sign user identity/licensing from within the Adobe Admin Console, then click here for information on claiming domain in that environment.

Adobe One Console

If you manage your Acrobat Sign user identity/licensing within the Acrobat Sign web application, then the below information is for you.

Adobe Sign native identity

Process to claim your domain

In order to adjust either of these settings please submit a support ticket with your request and include the following information:

1. The email address of your Acrobat Sign account administrator

2. The email Domain(s) that you would like to add.

► Please note that each sub-domain is considered a unique domain so each domain will require individual tokens and confirmation)


Once your support ticket is received, we will engage in a secure process, which verifies a published token in a DNS text record for the given domain (Your local IT team/administrator could help you with this).

1. An Acrobat Sign Support Agent will reply to your request ticket with a randomly generated token that will look something like: adobe-sign-verification=f9ccbThisIsNotARealNumber832

2. You will need to publish the verification token in a DNS text record, and then reply to the Support Ticket and notify us that you’ve completed this step.

a. This may take a few days or perhaps longer. Note that DNS propagation delays mean that a value published in DNS may not be visible for an hour or more.

Note: We expect your IT administrator should be knowledgeable to publish this token in a DNS text record. **

3. Once we get your reply in the support ticket, notifying us that the token is published, we will validate and add the domain to your account.


** General steps to publish the token on a DNS record

1. Log in to your domain account

2. Find the page for updating the DNS record. This page may be called DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings.

3. Find the TXT records for your domain.

4. Add a TXT record with the full token value supplied by Adobe,

For example: adobe-sign-verification=f9ccbThisIsNotARealNumber832

5. Save your changes.


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