Quickly and easily create an immersive video that brings your audience directly into the experience through real-world, hands-on GoPro footage from Adobe Stock.

Find your perfect GoPro footage

On Adobe Stock, click Video in the navigation to start your search for the perfect clip.

On the video page, input your search terms into the search bar. We used “GoPro Sailboat”, “GoPro Coast Aerial”, “GoPro Boat”, “GoPro Beach”, “GoPro Beach Horses”, and “GoPro Snorkel” to find clips for this video.

You can also search for Adobe Stock footage directly inside Premiere Pro using the Library panel. To do this, open the Library panel from the Window menu. In the search bar, search for Adobe Stock footage using keywords. You can hover your cursor over any video to see a real-time preview.

Add footage into a library folder on Adobe Stock

When you have found your clips, click the Save to Library button on the right-hand side of the video to save into a new or existing library folder on Adobe Stock.

Add the selected Stock footage to your project

In the Library panel, select the footage from your Adobe Stock library. In this example, it’s called Paradise. Right-click on the clips you want to add to your project and select Add to Project.

Edit with watermark proxies

Using Adobe Stock watermarked proxy clips, edit together a sequence of GoPro footage to tell your story.

Use as much or as little of the proxy footage as you like, until you create the perfect video.

Note you don’t have to purchase and license Adobe Stock clips until you’ve committed to your edit and are ready to export.

Open the Essential Graphics Panel from the menu bar by selecting Window > Essential Graphics. Search Adobe Stock for motion graphic templates to brand your video.

License the Adobe Stock clips in your final edit

Now that your edit is complete, you can license the clips you’ve used in your final edit.

It’s as easy as selecting the clips in the project panel and clicking the shopping cart icon to license.

Export for your desired channel

We’ll be using our video on social media, to export for social:

  • Select File > Export > Media to export your sequence with a social media preset
  • Under your file name select H.264 for your format and Facebook 1080p Full HD for your preset
  • Choose your destination by clicking on the blue file path
  • Click the Export button

You can also export for other channels such as YouTube or Vimeo, which work great for Instagram.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with GoPro footage you can use for your next project.


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