Missing fonts in XD
Looking for information on how to resolve missing fonts in XD? You are at the right place!

For a seamless font experience, XD automatically activates the missing fonts available in Adobe Fonts Library on your machine without intervention. No more missing fonts!

Replace fonts

Before you proceed

Got questions about fonts? Check out Fonts | FAQ and troubleshooting tips.

Work with Adobe Fonts

Auto-activate Adobe fonts
Missing fonts

If you have any missing fonts in your document, an exclamation mark appears next to the missing font in the Assets panel.

Fonts that are activated from Adobe Fonts are automatically available in your document, with no intervention from your end.

If you load multiple documents with different fonts, ensure that you have deactivated fonts that you no longer use from the Creative Cloud Fonts library.

Identify and replace missing fonts

Follow these steps to identify and replace missing fonts:

Identify missing fonts

Replace font dialog
Highlight on Canvas
  1.  Right-click the missing font and select the Highlight on Canvas option to highlight the missing font in your designs before replacing them.

Replace missing fonts

Missing fonts indicator
Replace font
  1. Right-click the missing font and select Replace Font. XD automatically previews the suggested replacement font on canvas.
  2. Select OK to replace the font on canvas as well in the defined character styles.

What's next?

We've got you started on how to resolve missing fonts in XD. Take a step forward and learn how to use Actions and Triggers to create your designs and share them with designers or stakeholders for feedback.

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