In depth: Plug-ins

Plug-in solutions for medium and small-scale publishing

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InDitect Pro
The new InDitect Pro version is ready for every challenge. Performance artist: Work quickly using a large word base and advanced error detection. Team player: Work with distributed dictionaries more easily than ever. Home player: Define your own company spelling for certain words.


InDihyph Pro Hyphenation
InDihyph Pro is the leading hyphenation plug-in for InDesign. It includes five different hyphenation quality levels, paragraph styles, own composer, and user hyphenation rules.


InDitect Spelling Check
InCopy and InDesign users can now benefit from the high quality of the Dieckmann method of spell-checking. InDitect uses a large internal dictionary for each language. This immense vocabulary is complemented by the specific Dieckmann algorithms for different word endings and compound words. InDitect recognizes common errors such as wrongly erroneously capitalized words and allows users to customize suggested word lists to have more or fewer correction options. InDitect is available in more than 30 languages.

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MadeToPrint is an international standard solution for enhancing and streamlining all output processes from within Adobe InDesign and InCopy. The plug-In offers maximum power and flexibility for automating printing and the creation of PostScript®, EPS, and PDF files. MadeToPrint is an indispensable workhorse for any publishing, graphic arts, or prepress user who processes more than five InDesign or InCopy documents a day

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CtrlChanges Light/Standard/Pro

CtrlChanges is a plug-in for InDesign and InCopy users who require a clear and accurate solution to a common problem: the need to see what has been changed in a document. In situations where users in a workgroup contribute text to a project, it can be crucial to know what has been changed in an InDesign document. With CtrlChanges, users don't need to spend valuable time searching through pages and text for changes. CtrlChanges underlines new text and places a marker where text has been deleted in an InDesign document.



Have you tried to use InCopy and found the assignments and check-in/checkout process challenging or confusing? CrossTalk for Adobe InCopy offers a smart and simple approach. The CrossTalk plug-in enables you to use InCopy the way many users expect it to work: Open the INDD file, convert to CrossTalk, edit text, save, and close. CrossTalk enables workgroups of copywriters, art directors, and others involved to work on the same document but only to change content that is under their responsibility.

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Cross-References is a modular system that responds to every referencing need. It is a robust solution inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker® and improved thanks to the greater flexibility of the InDesign environment, utilizing paragraph and character styles with XML-driven format.


History brings the fundamental history panel to the InDesign workspace. History's undo capabilities are not limited to the current work session, and changes can be undone years after they were made. The ability to keep all document versions within one file saves storage space and bandwidth.


Keyboard Shortcuts
The Keyboard Shortcuts plug-in was designed by David Blatner and DTP Tools to help you find and assign shortcuts quickly and easily.


Tetris for InDesign is a free plug-in that allows users to play the Tetris game in the InDesign panel.


Text Count
This plug-in contains a set of tools to preflight for overset and get rid of it easily, estimate text content needed to fill empty space, fit text to frame, and count multiple text attributes in many different ranges.

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Keep contents consistent between documents and databases.


Build complex documents from raw data.


Xtags for InDesign
Turn tagged text into finished documents.

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Portfolio 8.5 (standalone version)
Your digital assets at your fingertips: Thousands of graphics, photos, and other digital files to keep organized? Whip them into shape with Portfolio 8.5.


Portfolio Server 8.5
Portfolio Server 8.5 serves as the powerful hub of your creative assets management system, providing the core set of capabilities you need to keep your rich media on the move for routing to other users/departments; final delivery to clients, partners, or vendors; or secure archiving.

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FontAgent Pro 4
FontAgent Pro 4 delivers a huge set of font management features to the Mac. You can still repair, optimize, and organize your fonts, and then build font libraries and cascading sets that you can activate, manage, secure, print, and preview.


TypeTrax adds the missing link to your digital design projects. Just drag a document into Canto Cumulus and TypeTrax automatically detects and displays the project's fonts in WYSIWYG mode, so you always have the right fonts.

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The Readabilities plug-in analyzes portions of text, typically stories or articles, and calculates an objective measure for its readability or rather understandability. At the moment, the plug-in calculates the New Dale-Chall Readability Index; more indexes are to follow soon.

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Recipe Design Wizard
Recipe Design Wizard brings your recipes into the 21st century with a layout that is attractive and significantly easier to use than traditional recipes. The Recipe Design Wizard plug-in for Adobe InDesign is available for Mac or Windows®.

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TruEdit is a collaborative publishing solution that integrates InDesign and InCopy with folder-based workflow controls.

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HTTPBrowser is a tab-based web, FTP, and file browser. Browse while you design and enjoy dropping the best-suited components directly into your InDesign page.


The IndicPlus plug-in renders complex scripts (Indian languages and others) without error using Unicode fonts. This is the first plug-in that supports typing in both Indian and other languages using complex script in InDesign.



SpellPlus delivers the much-needed spell-check feature to Adobe InDesign in various Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. SpellPlus enhances the potential of InDesign by augmenting the language and spelling options available to the user.

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PDF2ID is a PDF document conversion tool for InDesign that converts PDF documents into a fully editable InDesign file. It re-creates the intended construction and layout of the document by forming paragraphs, applying styles, regrouping independent graphic elements, extracting images, creating tables, and recovering annotations and other elements automatically.

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On Mac OS X when multiple versions of InDesign or InCopy are installed on the same computer, double-clicking an INDD file's icon often causes the wrong application to launch. InDesignProxy fixes the problem by working as a "stand-in" for InDesign and InCopy.


When multiple versions of applications like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Adobe Illustrator® are installed on the same computer, double-clicking a file's icon often causes the wrong application version to launch. As a result, you might unwittingly resave a document into a more recent file format, which could be undesirable. Soxy is a workaround solution for this problem on Mac OS X and Windows.


The free TextExporter scripted plug-in saves all stories of an InDesign document into a single output file. Supported output file formats are Rich Text Format (RTF), InDesign Tagged Text, and plain text.

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Sonar Bookends InDex Pro
Sonar Bookends InDex Pro is the premier automatic index and table of contents generator.

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vjoon K2
This workgroup publishing solution combines the power and reliability of large systems with the special requirements of smaller sized publishing houses, creative agencies, or companies. Optimum Adobe InDesign and InCopy integration guarantees maximum speed and top-level professional publishing, with easy handling.


vjoon K4
vjoon K4 is a database-based publishing platform connected to Adobe Creative Suite that allows everyone involved in the process of newspaper, magazine, or web portal production to work on InCopy and InDesign documents simultaneously.


vjoon Notes Manager 3.0
The vjoon Notes Manager plug-in will totally change the way you work with inline notes in Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Editorial staff will communicate more efficiently using notes, as displaying and navigating notes is made easier and faster.


vjoon Overset Manager 5.1
The vjoon Overset Manager plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy gives you complete control over text length and text overset, enabling you to count, display, edit, and print overset text. It increases production security by warning you if the document contains overset when you print or export a file.

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Smart Connection
Smart Connection is a family of scalable workflow solutions integrating InDesign and InCopy using any file system. The Pro version is extensible to integrate into databases as well.


Smart Connection Enterprise
With Smart Connection Enterprise, Adobe InDesign, InCopy, and other client applications are seamlessly integrated into a parallel workflow for maximum efficiency. Every day, on many continents and in many languages, publishers of all sizes and types are using Smart Connection Enterprise to efficiently produce their publications.


Smart Connection Pro for InDesign and InCopy
Do you want a structured workflow for your publication without spending a fortune? Smart Connection Pro, based on InDesign and InCopy, is the answer. You can collaborate on a publication efficiently, while strictly separating design and editorial tasks.


Smart Hyphen
Smart Hyphen incorporates the best hyphenation functionality available into InDesign and InCopy, while considerably extending the set of available languages, too. Correct hyphenation yields better white space distribution and text flow, improving the quality and appearance of your communication.


Smart Layout
Smart Layout's automatic processes and intelligent behavior improve the efficiency of InDesign users working with multiple columns of text, particularly in newspapers and magazines where pages must be made up efficiently under tight deadlines.


Smart Layout for InCopy
The Smart Layout plug-in is indispensable for any newspaper or magazine designer who works with multiple columns of text and images. Complex, awkward layouts become easy-to-handle articles with intelligent behavior.


Smart Speller
Smart Speller incorporates the best spell-check functionality available into InDesign and InCopy, while considerably extending the set of available languages, too. All dictionaries are frequently updated to ensure the highest accuracy, and its unsurpassed performance with word compositions will impress you.


Smart Speller & Smart Hyphen Bundle — single language
If quality is what you are after, Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen are a must.

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