Adobe® InCopy® CS4 6.0.6 Update Read Me

October 2010


This is a CS5 compatibility update that provides key fixes in the areas of Scripting, Importing Graphics, Text handling, Links performance and others.

This update does not address identified issues running Adobe InCopy CS4 on Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5.1-v10.5.5). Known issues include the following:

  • Users are unable to hide InCopy CS4 using the cmd+h keyboard shortcut.
  • InCopy CS4 may unexpectedly quit when using the Place, Save, Save As or Export commands using either the OS or Adobe dialog boxes.

To address these issues, download Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.6 or later from Apple’s web site. For more information on how to upgrade your operating system, please refer to

InCopy CS4 6.0.6 includes the cumulative fixes fromInCopy CS4 6.0.5 (April 2010) InCopy CS4 6.0.4 (posted September 2009), InCopy CS4 6.0.3 (posted June 2009), InCopy CS4 6.0.2 (posted May 2009) and InCopy CS4 6.0.1 (posted February 2009). 

Any new fixes are marked with an asterisk (*).


Minimum system requirements 


  • PowerPC® G5 or multicore Intel® processor
  • Mac OS X v10.4.11–10.6.2
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 1.6GB of available hard-disk space for installation
  • 1,024x768 display (1,280x800 recommended) with 16-bit video card
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • QuickTime 7 software required for multimedia features
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services


  •  1.5GHz or faster processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 recommended), Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1, or Windows 7. (Certified for 32-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista)
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 1.8GB of available hard-disk space for installation
  • 1,024x768 display (1,280x800 recommended) with 16-bit video card
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • QuickTime 7 software required for multimedia features
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services


Install your software 

Please make sure that the InCopy application is shut down in advance of running the InCopy updater (at least 1 minute recommended). 


Resolved issues

This section provides a list of the resolved technical problems included as part of the InCopy CS4 6.0.6 update. Note that these issues are stated as the original problem statement, and not the corrected behavior. For general product usage and additional troubleshooting information, visit the Adobe Product Support Knowledgebase for InCopy at, or choose Online Support from the InCopy Help menu. 


When placing InDesign CS3 snippets, incx files and library assets into an indd document, the application may improperly import the XML backing store. [1903461]


The ‘Link.filePath’ script property returns an empty string for missing links for docs created on Windows but opened on a Mac. [2528034]

Event script provider call returns incorrect error message. [2450436]

PageNumberStyle scripting property does not support string type, leading to potential incompatibility with Middle Eastern version IDML files. [1899219] 


Stroke settings for merged table cells get lost when opening an INX file created in InDesign CS3 or earlier. [1927097]


InCopy quits unexpectedly in cursor handler when opening an InDesign document containing multiple InCopy stories. [2522163]

Saving a doc on Windows Vista/7 after committing IME text corrupts the command stack. [2528005]

Undo/Redo, Save and Close menu items on Japanese Windows cannot be selected when double-byte character is typed after moving focus area. [2513317]

ProtectiveShutdown opening InDesign file containing locked stories with out-of-date cross-references to missing external INDD files. [2422729]

Custom style mappings are not being applied when using Word import presets. [2335625]

Spell check performance issues when using “Ignore All” multiple times. [2372784]

Unexpected exit in AdobeLinguistic when spell checking. [2376258]

Spell check slows down or application unexpectedly quits when dynamic spelling is used in multi-story document with a document dictionary [1933592]

InCopy unexpectedly quits when typing a hyphenated word if using certain hyphenation limits in conjunction with the German language. [2293885]

InCopy unexpectedly quits when importing certain Word files. [2256271]

InCopy unexpectedly quits when applying italics to a mix of text which includes a font without an italic face. [2272770]

When Regular is selected for the Kinsoku Hang type, and there are punctuation marks and TCY on the same line, the non-TCY text can be positioned incorrectly. [2300769]

InCopy CS3 documents converted to InCopy CS4 reflow unexpectedly due to hyphenation limits. [1893957]

InCopy unexpectedly quits when drawing a page with a <Running Header> text variable, if Show Hidden Characters is enabled. [1914144]

InCopy unexpectedly quits when selecting a URL entered in user dictionary. [1927020]

User Interface

Place Date displayed in Link Info panel is different in Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time. [2374375]

On older windows machines, .png images may fail to display. [1922914]

Page Items

Notes missing when exporting PDF from InCopy. [2361231]

Object Style does not pick up certain opacity settings of another Object Style that it is based on, specifically its fill, stroke or text opacity. [2290380]

PDF Export/Import

Placing a PDF with malformed JBIG2 data causes the application to unexpectedly quit. [2294110]

Notes in tables do not make it into a PDF exported from Layout view [2657585]*

Table in story causes PDF export failure from Story mode. [2656961]*


Exporting a story containing an index marker to RTF results in unexpectedly quits. [2309013]

Links Panel Slow when Using 1000s of Links. [2277944]

Import Graphics

InCopy quits unexpectedly when placing an EPS file which contains an overlong string as a DSC comment (more than 42000 bytes). [2505511]

Links cannot be found when opening certain INDD files originating from the Mac OS, in Windows InCopy. A ‘Galley and Story View unavailable’ warning appears even though the links are accessible. [2332433]

Drop shadow on object that resides on a master page drops out if that .indd is placed into another .indd file and then either exported to PDF or printed. [1932134]

New hyperlink to shared destination URL creates extra hyperlink and results in destination multiplication with increased file size and performance issues for InCopy workflow. [2501641]


Resolved Issues for Developers

This section provides a list of the resolved technical problems included as part of InCopy CS4 6.0.6 that are primarily of interest to developers.

CheckIn Service for InCopy stories does not work with custom datalinks. [2314641]

ExtendScript attachability export event fails to include name of exported file. [2319304]

Before/afterImport event handlers are not getting called when importing XML. [2286475]

Developers cannot debug Flash-based UIs hosted in InCopy. [2298280]

When using FlexUIStroke SDK sample Keyboard focus may get lost. [1929603]

Paragraph composer may get stuck in an infinite loop during the execution of JavaScripts that repeatedly modify stories in different documents. [2285007]

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