How to create and print business cards

How to create and print business cards

Use Illustrator and InDesign to create a professional-looking business card that's ready to print. (Try it, 15 min)

FromKevin Stohlmeyer

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Learn how to create a professional-looking business card. No previous experience necessary.

In this six-part tutorial, you'll see how to create a logo in Illustrator using simple shapes that are easily modified. After making some straightforward color choices, you'll add the logo to a layout in InDesign. Here, you'll add some text, format it, and get the business card ready for printing.

View logo (00:01); View business card layout (00:14)

Start designing a logo.

Dive straight in! Create a new document and start exploring simple shape tools. Learn how to create interesting new shapes by changing size and orientation.

Create a new document (00:09); Explore shape tools (01:04); Change shapes easily (02:11)

Make simple modifications to shapes to create new effects.

Use basic drawing tools to create shapes that appear 3-dimensional, and add interest by colorizing your artwork quickly.

Rotate shapes (00:20); Draw lines (01:03); Arrange shapes (02:23); Add color (02:45)

Outline important shapes for emphasis.

See how outlining a shape can make it appear substantial. Then, save the logo and place it in a business card layout in InDesign.

Captions: Remove a stroke (00:53); Save the logo (01:35)

Start laying out the business card.

Use a handy preset in InDesign to create a standard business card layout. Then create a frame that will act as a holder for the logo graphic you created in Illustrator.

Create a new document (00:12); Set up margins (00:50); Create a frame (02:01)

Add your logo to the business card.

See how to fit your logo precisely. Next, add text to the business card and format it so it looks proportionate and professional.

Place logo (00:12); Fit the logo (01:03); Add text (01:33); Format the text (2:53)

Grab attention by adding color.

You're almost done. Add colors to your text to match the logo. Save the file, and get it ready to be printed without a hitch.

Add color to text (00:50); Export a print-ready PDF (02:36); Add crop marks (03:38)

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Kevin Stohlmeyer

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