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How to make a postcard in InDesign

Use basic tools and techniques to create an attractive and professional postcard that looks great on screen and in print. (Try it, 18 min)

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Set up your postcard for printing

This video tutorial guides you through making a postcard from scratch. Download the tutorial files before you begin.

In this first video, get acquainted with InDesign’s basic tools and workspace, then set up the document. The Design Talks project will be a two-page, standard size postcard in landscape orientation. You’ll learn how to specify the number of pages in a document, the document orientation, the size of the margins, and the bleed area for continuous printing to the paper’s edge.

Reset Essentials workspace (1:22); Set Rulers to inches (1:24); New Document dialog (1:54)

Add images and text

Your new document is properly set up, but it’s blank. Watch how to add existing images to your brochure with InDesign’s Place command. Learn about Adobe Stock as a resource for royalty-free images and illustrations to use in your projects.

Place guides to help you position graphic and text elements precisely and easily. Add text, and learn how to improve the text formatting in a few quick steps.

Place image (0:17); Open CC Libraries panel (2:32); Format text (3:35)

Apply color to your graphic elements

Continue to add text elements and position them on the page precisely. Next, you’ll create colors that will print correctly using a combination of CMYK inks commonly used in printing.

Now that you've added important elements such as text styles and colors, see how to save these commonly-used project assets to a Creative Cloud Library, so you can access them instantly in other InDesign projects and in other Adobe apps.

Create a CMYK color (1:38); Apply text color (2:11); Save a Character style (2:26)

Position elements in the layout

You still need to add important elements to the second page of the postcard. Learn how to take advantage of InDesign’s layout tools like Smart Guides, which are “hints” that help you to position elements precisely and intuitively.

Create evenly-spaced lines (0:30); Adjust spacing in a text frame (2:00); Place multiple graphics at once (3:00)

You’ve created an eye-catching postcard with attractive art and styled text. But what good is it if no one sees it? In this last video, learn how to save a PDF file that can be emailed or uploaded to your print service provider.

In just a few clicks you can also share your event postcard on your blog, website, and on social media. 

Note: If you do not see the Publish Online button in the InDesign user interface, it means that your Creative Cloud membership plan does not include access to this feature. Please contact your Plan administrator if you have any questions.


Export to PDF (0:05); Publish Online (0:38)

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