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Add interactivity to fixed layout EPUBs

Learn how to add interactivity to your documents to create dynamic fixed layout EPUBs and get immediate feedback on how the interactive elements will render upon export. (Try it, 7 min)

FromChris Kitchener

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Interactivity and animation in fixed layout EPUB

If you've wanted to create EPUB documents with rich interactivity, you now have more options to make your fixed layout EPUBs more dynamic and engaging. Include slideshows, add buttons to trigger animation, add hyperlinks to your document, and more.

In addition, see how the new EPUB Interactivity Preview panel can simplify your production process when you can get immediate feedback on how an animation might look when it's exported and viewed on a device.

Add an animation (02:27); Create a slideshow (03:14); Create buttons to control slideshow (4:15); EPUB Interactivity Preview panel (05:30)

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Chris Kitchener

While at Adobe, Chris drove the development of the InDesign and Illustrator family of products. Chris speaks regularly at industry events on a variety of publishing topics, including authoring tools, workflow productivity, and the future of print and digital publishing.