This video tutorial guides you through the process of making a brochure from scratch.
Make a brochure.

Design your own professional, print-ready brochure.

This video tutorial guides you through the process of making a brochure from scratch. The first thing you need to do is download the tutorial files. Then you’ll get started using InDesign by setting up the document. The Pluralist brochure about a journey to the Banyan Cliffs is a two-page, tri-fold brochure in landscape orientation. In this first video, learn how to specify the number of pages in a document, the document orientation, the number of columns, and the size of the margins.

Create new document (1:19); Set document layout (1:37); Save the document (2:27)

Bring in images and create graphics.

Your new document is properly set up but it’s blank. Learn how to quickly add existing images to your brochure with InDesign’s Place command. Then learn how to draw and stylize a line to separate and highlight your content.

Import images (0:14); Draw a line (1:25); Create custom color (1:48)

Type and place your text.

Learn how to add text to your document using InDesign’s Type tool. The Type tool makes it simple to type text directly into your document or to copy and paste text you’ve written with a text editor or word processing application. It’s easy to place text anywhere you’d like simply by clicking and dragging.

Type text (0:11); Copy/paste text (0:52)

Style your text.

Now you have text telling the story of the images in your brochure, but the text is difficult to read and looks rather boring on the page. Learn how to use InDesign’s Type tool to change the font, size, color, and alignment of your text.

Change the font (0:13); Change the font size (0:30); Change the text color (0:38)

You’ve created an eye-catching brochure with beautiful images and an interesting story. But what good is it if no one sees it? In this last video, learn how to print your InDesign document or export it as a PDF that can be shared electronically.

Note: Any reference to The Pluralist, its logo, and/or its products or services is for demonstration purposes only.

Print the document (0:17); Export as pdf (0:40)

Contributor: Nathan Brutzman

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