Pull a key phrase or quotation from your page. Then reintroduce it to your layout as an attractive design element to entice your reader.

What you'll need

This sample file is an Adobe Stock image you can use to practice what you learn in this tutorial. If you want to use the sample file beyond this tutorial, you can purchase a license on Adobe Stock. Check out the ReadMe file in the folder for the terms that apply to your use of this sample file.

Format the callout text

Start with your own layout, or open our sample file and activate the Adobe Fonts if needed. You can use the black text on the left side of the page to practice creating callouts. Select the text with the Type tool, and change the font, style, size, and other attributes in the Character section of the Properties panel.


Add the callout to your text

Switch to the Selection tool, and click the callout text frame to select it. Choose Window > Text Wrap, and select a Text Wrap option at the top. Now drag the callout over the text and drop it in place.


Explore other ways to create standout text

We tried out filling the callout frame with a color and gradation and experimented with stroke (border) styles. You can view the alternatives we explored on page 2. (Choose Window > Pages.)


Adjust spacing around the callout

Depending on the text wrap option you selected, you may need to increase the space around the callout text frame. Use the Offset options in the Text Wrap panel to add a bit of padding along one or more sides of the callout. Click the link icon in the center to adjust the offset settings independently.


Now you can enhance your page design and draw readers in by featuring a phrase from the story or article.


Adobe Stock contributors: Dima Aslanian, n_vinokurov

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