Learn how to easily rearrange rows and columns in tables in the 2014 release of InDesign CC.

The table layout

The main graphic in the document is a table showing a list of featured speakers. The table is composed of six vertical columns and seven horizontal rows, containing both text and images. Several of the columns have different widths.


Selecting a column

Select the Type Tool in the Tools panel. Then, hover your cursor over the top of the first column until your cursor changes to a downward-pointing arrow. Click the top of the column to select it.


Move a column

You can rearrange this column by simply dragging it to another location in the table.

With the first column selected, position your cursor over one of the column cells until the cursor changes to a point with two horizontal lines. Click the column and drag it to the right of the second column. Release your cursor when you see a vertical blue line appear to the right of the second column.

Notice that the columns retain their original widths when you rearrange them.


Rearrange rows

You can use a similar method to rearrange rows. With the Type Tool selected, select a row by positioning your cursor along the left edge of the row you want to move. Your cursor will change to a right-facing arrow.

This table is set up with alternating fills. When you rearrange rows, you’ll see that InDesign automatically applies the correct fill.

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