InDesign contains a technology preview of our newest feature: Auto Style, powered by Adobe Sensei. This feature enables you to transform unformatted text into beautiful documents by applying multiple paragraph styles with a single click. Auto Style will analyze the text and automatically style headings, body copy, lists and more.

Lay the foundations for your project

Create your new InDesign document with at least 1000 characters so that the artificial intelligence engine can analyze the text.

New InDesign document with over 1,000 characters

Navigate to the Style Packs in Auto Style

From the Type menu, select Paragraph Styles to open the Styles menu

Navigate to “Type” menu, select Paragraph Styles, click the marked folder

Open the Style Packs folder and you will find several pre-formatted Style Packs to choose from:

Select from our Style Packs

Download the Style Pack you would like to use

Downloading Style Packs

and apply with one click!

Style Pack applied

The Style Packs will be available in your Paragraph Styles tab. Download as many as you like and try different styles to get creative with fonts and colors to see what works best for your document.

Style Packs showing in menu

Want to make your own Style Pack – here’s how

Click to open the menu in Paragraph Styles, and select New Style Pack

Add new Style Packs

The new Style Pack dialog will pop up. Start by naming your Style Pack, and then use the drop down selection to choose the paragraph styles to copy. InDesign will duplicate these in your new Style Pack folder. Click OK when you have finished mapping all your styles.

Name your new Style Pack

Select the style(s) you want in your custom pack

In your document, select your text and apply your new Style Pack

Custom packs available in Paragraph Styles menu

Share your designs

From the Share menu, export your document in formats like PDF and EPUB. You can also use the Publish Online feature to publish any InDesign document online and get a shareable URL. Share for Review creates a link to a preview of your document where you can collect and track comments.

We are pleased to share Auto Style as a way to quickly apply paragraph styles to your documents, large or small. Look for new Style Packs and custom styles in the future.

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