This issue exists in when you create and run a script UI in InDesign or InCopy to open a dialog box, which further opens another dialog box. Now, when you close the second dialog box, InDesign or Incopy becomes unresponsive and you need to restart the application. 


This issue exists with InDesign and InCopy 14.0.2 on the macOS platform.

Resolution prerequisite

Before you perform the resolution steps, ensure that you have InDesign or InCopy 14.0.2 installed on your system. You can check the version installed on your system by going to Help About <application name>.

You can update the version on your system from the Creative Cloud desktop app. For more information, see Update Creative Cloud apps.

InDesign version
Adobe InDesign version installed on your system

Resolution for InDesign | macOS

Perform the following steps to download and install the plugin to resolve this issue in macOS:

  1. Close Adobe InDesign, if it's open.

  2. Download

  3. Unzip the downloaded file and extract its content to desktop.

  4. In the extracted folder, double-click

  5. Select the Adobe InDesign 2019 application and click Choose.

    InDesign 2019 Folder
  6. If you get an error while copying the file, make sure that you unzip the downloaded file before running the plug-in. The following message is displayed once the plugin is installed and InDesign is successfully updated. Click OK.

    Application successfully updated
  7. Restart your system and launch Adobe InDesign.

Resolution for InCopy | macOS

Download the to resolve the issue for macOS.

To install and run the plugin, follow the same steps as listed above for InDesign. Ensure that you select the Adobe InCopy 2019 application on macOS.

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