DPS toolkit updates are not available when you create the deployment package from Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition on Mac OS.


  1. Download the DPS toolkit update separately from For Mac:    
  2.   Mount DMG and run the installer using following command line:
 <Path of DPS patch>/ –-   installSourcePath=<Path of payload folder> --mode=silent
  3.   Enter administrator credentials when prompted.


The path of DPS patch could be absolute or relative, depending on the requirement or configuration.


While deploying this patch on a client machine, the administrator should ensure that user is logged in. Otherwise, the patch installation fails.

This update can be applied silently via deployment tools. It is verified with ARD ("copy item send Unix command" option in ARD) and SSH. But the condition is that client or user is logged in.

Additional information

This update is blocked in the AAMEE (on Mac) because this patch launches Adobe AIR Installer while installing this update. The AIR Installer hangs if the end user is logged out, and the complete package installation hangs on the client machine.

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