After you have laid out user interface elements such as dialog boxes, changing the layout is time-consuming because, even for a small change, you might need to recalculate the positioning, sizing, and alignment of all elements. The Adobe Express View Engine (EVE) helps resolve this by resizing widgets automatically based on their text or labels. This not only makes it quick and easy to make small changes to the layout, but it also eliminates the need for multiple .fr files for different locales (in most cases) when localizing applications.

With EVE, you lay out a user interface only once and then, given a correctly formed textual description of a dialog or palette, EVE dynamically generates the geometry of the user interface elements.

With EVE, you create one resource file with the relative positioning and ordering of the widgets in a row-column manner. This saves the time of generating different resources and defining the actual positions of the widgets. You can convert your existing InDesign dialogs and panels to use the automated EVE layout format, instead of using exact widget frame coordinates.

For more details on working with EVE, please look at Porting Guide present within docs/guides folder of InDesign CC SDK.

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