With InDesign CC 2014 release, you can have some unexpected behavior with Adobe Bridge or Adobe Mini-Bridge.

Known issues

1) If Adobe Bridge 64 bit and InDesign CC 2014 32 bit is installed on system, then place in Bridge places file in InDesign CC instead of InDesign CC 2014. [3749691]

    Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install InDesign CC.
  2. Install InDesign CC 2014 32 bit.
  3. Install Bridge 64 bit.
  4. From Bridge, place any image by right-clicking, and choosing Place > In InDesign.

Result: Image is placed in InDesign CC. Ideally, it should be placed in InDesign CC 2014.


2) If InDesign CC 2014 is uninstalled, then place from Mini Bridge within InDesign CC doesn't work.

    Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install InDesign CC and InDesign CC 2014 (in any order).
  2. Uninstall InDesign CC 2014.
  3. Try placing from InDesign CC Mini-Bridge (right-click, and choose Place).

Result: Nothing happens. Ideally, in Mini-Bridge the option to place should disappear.


3) If InDesign CC is installed over InDesign CC 2014, then the Place option in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Mini-Bridge stop working. [3748327] 

   Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install InDesign CC 2014.
  2. Install InDesign CC.
  3. Use place by right-clicking any image from Bridge or Mini Bridge.
Result: Nothing happens while placing.
4) Unable to use Adobe Mini-Bridge in InDesign CC and InDesign CC 2014 simultaneously [3747368]
   Steps to reproduce:
  1. Launch InDesign CC and use its Mini Bridge.
  2. Launch InDesign CC 2014 and open its Mini Bridge.
Result: Adobe Mini-bridge doesn't work in both applications simultaneously. Error "Waiting for Bridge" when trying to open a Mini-bridge
Workaround: Close Mini Bridge from one of the applications and then restart the other to keep using Mini Bridge.
5) Place from Adobe Mini Bridge of InDesign CC places the file in InDesign CC 2014 [3747359]
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Install InDesign CC and InDesign CC 2014.
  2. Launch InDesign CC.
  3. Open Adobe Mini-Bridge (Window > Mini-Bridge). Right-click any image and select Place > In InDesign.
Result: Using Mini-Bridge from InDesign CC, the image should get placed in InDesign CC however it's placed in InDesign CC 2014.
6) Using Place > In InDesign  from Mini-Bridge of InDesign CC 2014 launches InDesign CC, but places the file in InDesign CC 2014 [3747356]
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Make sure that InDesign CC and InDesign CC 2014 both are present on the system.
  2. Launch Mini-Bridge from InDesign CC 2014.
  3. Select any image and then choose Place > In InDesign.
Result: InDesign CC launches and image is placed in InDesign CC 2014. Ideally, InDesign CC should not launch.
7) There is no option to Place > In InCopy from InDesign CC 2014 Mini-Bridge [3747354]
    Steps to reproduce:  
  1. Install ID CC 2014.
  2. Install IC CC 2014.
  3. Install Bridge.
  4. From Mini-Bridge, right-click any image and choose Place.
Result: Place > In InCopy is not present. Ideally, the option should be available.

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