InDesign CC 2014 crashes when closing a document after running a packaging workflow. The Create Package Folder dialog box appears.


  1. Download the following script:



    The script replaces the Package and Preflight UI.InDesignPlugin plug-in with an updated version to resolve the issue.

  2. Unzip the script and run it.

  3. In the prompt (as shown below), select the InDesign CC 2014 application.

    Select the InDesign CC 2014 application
    Select the InDesign CC 2014 application

  4. Launch InDesign CC 2014.

Additional information

InDesign CC 2014 came with an option to include PDF (exported with selected PDF Preset) while packaging the document.

While packaging, the Unicode normalization of last-used PDF preset (for example, High Quality Print) results in failure in the Create Package Folder dialog box. This failure results in a protective shutdown of InDesign when you close the document.

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