Retirement of DPS, Single Edition

The Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, service will be available for use until May 1 2015. Customers can redeem previously purchased serial numbers and create or edit apps in the meantime, but beyond that date the service will no longer be available.

However, documents that you originally created for the DPS workflow can be leveraged for export to fixed layout EPUB from InDesign. This document provides an overview of the InDesign EPUB fixed layout export feature. The document also details how you can reuse your existing DPS layout documents for export to EPUB fixed layout.  


DPS Enterprise Edition offering continues to be available. For more details, see Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

EPUB fixed layout 

EPUB is an industry standard that is supported on many platforms, so you can create the EPUB3 file once and distribute it widely. The EPUB3 standard supports both reflowable and fixed-layout eBooks —and you can export both from InDesign. The fixed layout format allows you to create documents that include native InDesign objects such as:

For details on the types of objects that the EPUB fixed layout format supports, see Export content for EPUB.

The DPS layout documents that you have created may contain audio, video, and interactive content. When you use DPS to publish such content, you usually require that the layout of output is maintained. To achieve a similar output experience, you can now publish your documents to the EPUB fixed layout format. 

The new Fixed-Layout EPUB export capability announced in the 2014 release of InDesign CC is our powerful, simplified solution for individual designers who want to create interactive, image-rich content intended for publication to channels like the iBookstore or for ad hoc distribution. By exporting a fixed-layout file into EPUB3 standard format, individuals now have an expanded opportunity to publish across a wider range of tablets. 

For details on creating and exporting an InDesign document to the EPUB fixed layout format, see Export content for EPUB.

You can also go through this tutorial on How to design fixed layout EPUB.

Reuse a DPS layout document for EPUB fixed layout output 

The documents that you have created in InDesign for DPS output, can be exported to the EPUB fixed layout format. To export an InDesign document to the EPUB fixed layout format, open the document in InDesign and export the document to the EPUB fixed layout format:

  1. Open the document in InDesign.

  2. Choose File > Export.

  3. In the Export dialog, specify a filename and location.

  4. In the Save as type drop-down list, choose EPUB (fixed layout) and click Save.

  5. The EPUB - Fixed Layout Export Options dialog provides a number of options to configure your EPUB output.

    For details on these options, see Fixed Layout export options.

InDesign creates a single .epub file containing the XHTML-based content. To view the file, you need an EPUB reader. You can also use the Adobe Digital Editions reader, that you can download free from the Adobe website.

For more details on how to export an InDesign document to EPUB fixed layout, see Export to EPUB.

For most documents, you do not need to convert any of your existing DPS layout content before you export the documents to EPUB. If however, your documents contain any folio overlays, see Folio overlays in EPUB fixed layout output.

Comparing DPS and EPUB fixed layout output

The following images provide a visual comparison between the DPS and EPUB output for the same InDesign documents.


The DPS output displayed below is taken from the Adobe Content Viewer while the EPUB output is taken from the Adobe Digital Editions.

DPS content viewer

EPUB reader

Folio overlays in EPUB fixed layout output

When you are creating folios in InDesign for export to DPS, you can use the objects available in the Folio overlays panel. The objects used in this panel are not supported in the EPUB fixed layout output, however the following is a list of available alternatives that you can use:


Replace overlay hyperlinks with InDesign Hyperlinks.


Replace overlay slideshows with the multi-state objects.


Replace overlay audio with InDesign Audio objects.


You can embed audio objects with the EPUB layout. You cannot include an audio URL supported by the audio overlay.


Replace overlay video with InDesign Video objects.


You can embed video objects with the EPUB layout. You cannot include a video URL supported by the video overlay.

Publishing EPUB fixed layout documents 

When you publish your documents using DPS, the output DPS app is targeted for iOS platform only. However, the EPUB output can be targeted at all eBook readers that now support the fixed layout EPUB.

Currently, fixed-layout EPUB3 files are supported on Apple iBooks and Readium on Google Chrome. You can publish your fixed-layout EPUB3 eBooks through the following stores: iBookstore, Kobo, and Google Play.


The menu options shown in this document are specific to previous versions of InDesign and may not be the same as current version. However, the steps to publish your documents on the iBookstore are still valid.

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