Creating, assigning and modifying Skills and Levels.

Skills map is a grouping of skill sets, knowledge, and traits of an employee in an organization. These skills maps help companies/organizations to set or raise the performance expectations for its employees. Skills enable employees to align their behaviors to organizational expectations.

Adobe Captivate Prime enables you to map the performance of learners based on their skill sets using skills map. When learners complete taking up some courses, learners can know their standing against each skill by viewing the skill maps.

Create a skill and a level

Administrators can create skills for learners, assign the skills to learners, and manage the existing skills. Create skills and levels for learners by following the steps below:

  1. Click skills on the left pane after you log in as Admin.
  2. If there are existing skills, a detailed list of skills is displayed. Click Add on the upper-right corner of the page, to add new skills.
    A sample skill under general category with corresponding levels is available for users understanding and perusal.
  3. Add skill category name, description, and the corresponding credits accordingly to each level as shown in the following snapshot:
Add skills
Add skills

  1. Click Add level to add new level to each skill and click Save.
    You can add only up to a maximum of three levels for each skill.

Assign a skill to learner

Administrators can assign the skills to learners. After you create your skills and save them, they will be listed in the skills page. Now, you can start assigning these skills to learners as follows:

  1. Click skills at the left pane after you log in as Admin.
  2. Select one or multiple skills by clicking check boxes against each skill and click Actions drop-down list at the upper right corner of the page.
  3. From the Actions drop-down list, click Assign to Learners. A pop-up dialog appears.
  4. Add learners name, profile, and so on, and click Save.

You can assign multiple skills to multiple learners at a time.

Modify/remove skills

You can modify the existing skills and also delete the skills (if there are no learners assigned) by following the steps below:

  1. Select one or multiple skills by clicking check boxes against each skill.
  2. Click the Skill name to modify the skills. An Edit Skill pop-up dialog appears. Update the values and click Save.   
    You can delete skill only when it is not associated with any learners or courses.

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