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You can use Adobe Sign services to implement electronic signatures in AEM Forms on smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. It automatically records and stores the document history, so you can view and record every step. For more information, see Adobe Sign services.  

To implement electronic signatures using Adobe Sign services in AEM Forms:

  1. Create an Adobe Sign services developer account and obtain an Adobe Sign services integration key.
  2. Associate AEM Forms with Adobe Sign services account.

Create an Adobe Sign services account and obtain the integration Key

An Adobe Sign integration key is required to implement electronic signatures functionality in AEM Forms. To obtain an integration key, you need to first create an Adobe Sign services developer account

After you create a developer account, procure an integration key. The integration key is required to connect AEM Forms to Adobe Sign services server. See Adobe Sign API implementation Guide for details. By default, integration key is hidden. Contact Adobe Sign support to enable the integration key link.

For more information, see Adobe Sign documentation.

Associate AEM with Adobe Sign services account

Perform the following steps to add the Integration key to AEM Cloud Services and connect AEM Forms with Adobe Sign services servers:

  1. Log in to your AEM instance as an administrator.

  2. Go to Tools > Deployment > Cloud Services > Adobe Sign. Click Configure now.

  3. In the Create Configuration dialog box, specify Name and Title. Click Create.

  4. In the API Key field, specify the integration key procured earlier. Enable the Sign attachments check-box. Click Connect to Adobe Sign and click OK.

    Your Adobe Sign service is configured successfully. Now, you can use the service in your forms.  

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