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The offline importer allows you to import documents generated offline. Currently documents generated with the following tools are supported:

  • Microsoft Word (*.doc)

How to import documents generated offline

To import a document use the following steps:

  1. Open the Tools console.

  2. Click Importers in the left pane to open the folder.

  3. Double-click Offline Importer in either the left or right pane.The following dialog opens:

  4. Use the Browse... button to select the Word Document you want to import into AEM.

  5. Select the location where the document should Import into.

  6. If necessary, you can change the components to be used for the various paragraph definitions by clicking on an entry in the Value column, then choose from the list of available components from the drop down list.

  7. Click Import to start the import.

  8. Return to the Websites console and navigate to the location you specified. Under the specified page you can see the new pages generated from the imported document. You can now edit the content directly within AEM.

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