When you try to delete a page programmatically, you receive an error similar to the following:

10:09:38 *ERROR* delivery: Unhandled Exception: javax.servlet.ServletException: Page '/content/playground/en/test' does not exist.javax.servlet.ServletException: Page '/content/playground/en/test' does not exist. 10:09:38 at 10:09:38 at apps.daytest.templates.test.start$jsp._jspService(start$ 10:09:38 at 10:09:38 at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( 10:09:38 at

You used code similar to the following:




{ pageToDelete.startTransaction();



}catch(Exception e) {

pageToDelete.rollback(); }



Remove the transaction code. For example:

if(pageToDelete.exists()) { try { pageToDelete.delete(false); }catch(Exception e) { log.error(e.getMessage(), e); } }

Additional information

It's not necessary to use any transaction code for deleting a page.

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