Convert a raster image like a sketch or photo into editable vector artwork.

What you learned: Import an image and turn that image into editable vector art using Vectorize.

Import a raster image

  • Tap the Import icon in the toolbar on the left. 
  • From the Import menu, choose a source from which to import a sketch, photo, PSD file, or other work, including from Cloud documents or Creative Cloud Libraries.

Convert the raster image to vector 

  • With the image selected, tap the Vectorize icon in the common actions bar below the image or choose Vectorize from the Object menu in the taskbar on the right. 

Set Vectorize options to refine the vector art

When you vectorize art, the Properties panel opens to reveal Vectorize options you can set to refine the artwork. 

  • Eye icon: Tap the eye icon to see the original image. Tap the eye icon again to show the results. 
  • Source: A preset that is intelligently assigned when you apply Vectorizer. 
  • Color Mode: When certain Source profiles are chosen, you can change the color of the resulting artwork.
  • Output: You can choose to create Strokes (paths) or Fills (shapes).
  • Threshold, Path, Corners, and Noise: Options related to refining the method of artwork vectorization.
  • Method: Abutting creates artwork that acts like it was cut out using a cookie cutter. Overlapping creates artwork with stacked paths that slightly overlap each other.  
  • Ignore White: Allows you to remove anything white from the result.

Edit the vector artwork

When satisfied with the result, you need to expand the vectorization to edit the vector artwork.

  • With the image selected, tap the Expand Vectorization icon in the common actions bar below the image or tap the Expand Vectorization button at the bottom of the Properties panel. 

Presenter: Brian Wood

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