Learn how to use the Boundary Warp slider in Lightroom Classic, so you don't have to crop out important details.

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Panoramic view from a high-rise window of city skyline at dusk.

Why Boundary Warp?

You can combine multiple photos into a stunning wide-angle panorama using Panorama Merge in Lightroom Classic, but it may result in uneven borders. You could crop out uneven borders with Auto Crop, but cropping often means losing important details of the full photo.

The Boundary Warp slider in Panorama Merge lets you preserve the entire image and solves the problem of uneven white borders.

Top: Auto Crop cuts off important details from panorama. Bottom: Boundary Warp merges photos and preserves important details

Select photos to merge into a panorama

Open Lightroom Classic on your desktop, and import the practice files provided on this page or your own photos that you've shot for a panorama. To learn more, see the tutorial Easily import photos.

In the Library module, select the sample photos you just imported (or your own pano shots). Then, go to Photo > Photo Merge > Panorama. 

Library module shows selected photos to combine and Photo > Photo Merge > Panorama highlighted.

Choose Panorama options

The Panorama Merge Preview window will appear, where you can preview your image and complete the panorama options. For the sample photo, choose the Spherical projection option.

You'll see this panorama has uneven borders and unwanted white areas along the edges.

Check Auto Crop. Notice that it applies a neat rectangular crop that may result in a composition you like; but sometimes cropping forces you to remove parts of the full image that you'd rather keep.

Let's uncheck Auto Crop so you can see what Boundary Warp does instead.

Spherical projection option is selected, and panorama has uneven borders on each side.

Drag the Boundary Warp slider

Drag the Boundary Warp slider to the right until the white border around the panorama preview disappears. Boundary Warp stretches the edges of the image to neatly fill the frame, retaining the entire image.

Now you don't have to sacrifice any important details of this panorama scene! 

Click the Merge button to finish your panorama.

Learn more in the tutorial Merge photos for a panorama.

As the Boundary Warp slider is moved, the uneven edges stretch to fill the canvas.

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