Remove objects or move them to another part of the image.

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What you learned: Hide unwanted content with the Patch tool

When to use the Patch Tool

The Patch tool is very effective for patching areas with a selection. It uses content-aware technology to create a smooth blend between the selection and the rest of the image.

Use a separate layer for retouching

  • With the Background layer active, choose Layer > New > Layer Via Copy to make a copy of the Background layer and keep your retouching separate from the main image.

Begin with a selection

The Patch tool works from a selection of the area you want to patch. You can use the Patch tool just like the Lasso tool to create the selection. You can also use any of the selection tools. The selection does not have to be precise; it can overlap into areas outside the object you want to remove.

Create a patch, or copy detail to another area in the image

The Patch tool works by dragging the selection to another area of the image. The Patch tool uses content-aware technology to create a convincing blend.

  • In the Options bar for the Patch tool, choose Normal, and select either Source or Destination.

To patch the Source (the selected area), drag the selection to an area that contains matching detail that will cover the object you want to remove.

To patch the Destination, drag the selection to another part of the image. The selected pixels are copied there.

  • Check if the patch created any repeated details that need to be touched up with the Clone Stamp tool.

Save your work

  • Save the file in PSD or TIFF format to retain the separate patch layer you created.

Adobe Stock contributor: natureguy

Presenter: Seán Duggan

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