Unable to launch provider login page using Android AccessEnabler SDK 3.x

Environment : Android

Issue:    If the user attempts to sign in with any provider, an infinite loading animation overlay displays on the MVPD picker. In Charles proxy, the following call returns with a 401 Unauthorized error: https://sp.auth.adobe.com/reggie/v1/<requestor_Id>/regcode
Expected Result: Selecting a provider from the picker will launch the “Custom Chrome Tab"

Actual Result: Selecting a provider from the picker brings up an infinite loading animation


Cause:  The error is due to invalid date/time on the device due to which the access_token is considered invalid on /regcode call and it fails with 401 Unauthorized error.


Resolution:    Set the correct date and time on the device. API is already set to retry the access_token call in case of failure so, once the date/time is set correctly the next call for regcode will succeed.

In Charles, you can see that SDK is trying to obtain access_token repeatedly considering that previous one has expired.