If you make a text frame that is crossing or touching with bleed line, it moves on the page when export to PDF file.


This is issue of InDesign CS5.5.

A text frame in master page and crossing or touching with bleed line, InDesign CS5.5 computes  its coordinate, if text frame applied "Inset Spacing section", InDesign CS5.5 must re-compute but not and then un-computed coordinate is used at drawing the text frame in the exported PDF file.

Repeatability conditions:

  • Text frame is in a master page.
  • Text frame is crossing or touching with bleed line.
  • Text frame is applied "Inset Spacing section"
  •  Marks and Bleeds / Bleed and Slug option is used.

Step to Reproduce:

  1. File / Document... /
  2. Go to A-Master
  3. Make a text frame and type any text
  4. Move the text frame to cross or touch with bleed line
  5. Choose Object / Text Frame Option /Inset Spacing section and Bottom is 3 mm
  6. Select "Top/Right" at the Vertical Justification
  7. File / Adobe PDF Presets / [PDF/X-4:2008(Japan)]...
  8. Do one from below at the Marks and Bleeds / Bleed and Slug

    (A)  Choose "Use Document Bleed Settings"

    (B) Set 3mm for all Bleed option (Top, Bottom, Inside, Outside)
  9. Export

Result: text in the text frame moves on the page in the exported PDF.


Do one of the following:

A. Install the latest InDesign update.

You can download and install the latest version of InDesign by going to Help > Updates...

Alternatively, updates and installation instructions are available on the Adobe website at .

B. At Marks and Bleeds / Bleed and Slug, release "Use Document Bleed Settings" and set 0 mm for all Bleed option

C. Move the text frame away bleed line

D. Set 0 mm for all option at Inset Spacing section

  1. Select the text frame
  2. Choose Object / Text Frame Option / Inset Spacing section
  3. Set 0 mm for all option


Adobe worries about this problem. When we have new information, we update this TechNote.

This issue is reported by DAINIPPON SCREEN MFG. CO., LTD. Thank you for scrutiny and report on this matter. In addition, thanks to your continued cooperation.

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