Learn how to share albums, send photos to Facebook, and save photos in Lightroom CC.

Share an album

Share albums in Lightroom CC.


What you learned: Share albums

  • To share an album of photos, select the album in the Albums panel, right-click (or Control+click) and choose Share Album.
  • Lightroom CC creates a URL (an online address) that you can share with others so they can view the shared album. Click Copy to copy that URL to your computer’s clipboard. Click Close.
  • Share the URL in an email, a text, or a post. To paste the copied URL into your message, press Control+V (Windows) or Command+V (MacOS). Anyone with whom you share that URL can open it in a web browser to see the photos in your shared album.
  • To view the web page your audience will see, right-click (Control+click) the shared album in the Albums panel and choose View on Web.


Send a photo to Facebook

Share a photo to Facebook from Lightroom CC.


What you learned: Share to Facebook

  • You can share a photo to Facebook from Lightroom CC.
  • In Lightroom CC, select a photo in a grid or Filmstrip. Click the Share icon at the top right of the Lightroom CC workspace and choose Send to Facebook.
  • Follow the prompts to authorize Lightroom CC to access your Facebook account.
  • Return to Lightroom CC, where you have options to add a caption to the Facebook post and choose a Facebook album. Then click Share to complete the post from Lightroom CC to Facebook.


Save a photo to share

Save a photo from Lightroom CC.


What you learned: Save a photo

  • You can save a copy of a photo, with any edits you’ve applied, from Lightroom CC to your computer or external drive. This comes in handy when you want to attach a photo to an email or message, print the photo, or post it online to a destination not available in Lightroom CC’s Share menu.
  • Select a photo and click the Share icon at the top right of the workspace. Choose Save To.
  • In the Save window, choose the file type (JPEG or Original + Settings), the location to which to save, and the size of the saved photo.
  • Then click Save.



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Photographer: Jillian Lukiwski

Photographer: Adrien Radford

Presenter: Jan Kabili