This document is for foreign students in Japan using Software Download Card to activate Creative Cloud membership.

After you purchase the Software Download Card, some steps need to be done to activate your card and use Creative Cloud membership.


  • You can't activate multiple identical products using ONE Adobe ID.
    (For example, you can't activate Creative Cloud complete plan and Single plan, or multiple identical Single plans. However, you can activate different multiple Single plans in ONE Adobe ID.)
  • If you register multiple redemption codes for ONE Adobe ID, it will not result in multiple contracts. Available period for ONE contract will be extended.
  • Once you activate your Download Key Card, you can't transfer your membership to another Adobe ID. If you want to use another Adobe ID, please purchase additional Download Key Card.
  • You can't share your Adobe ID with others. If you want to use software with others, each member should get their own Adobe ID and purchase Card for themselves.

Required steps after purchasing Software Download Card


What's Software Download Card?

Once you pay in the shop POS system, relevant card is activated immediately. This is the new system for selling products from Adobe.

If you buy your card from shop or online

After you purchase Software Download Card from shop or online, you should follow the steps below.

Step 1. Access the dedicated website

1.1 Log in with / Create your Adobe ID

If you are new to use Adobe software, please input some necessary information to create your Adobe ID. If you already have your own Adobe ID, click "Sign in"(サインイン)

* To create your Adobe ID

You should input all the necessary information below.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Adobe ID (your email address)
  4. Password
  5. Birth date
  6. (Optional) If you want to get information about products and services from Adobe, check this option.
  7. (Required) You should agree with Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy to check this option.
  8. Click the banner to get your Adobe ID.

* To sign in with your Adobe ID

If you already have your Adobe ID, input your Adobe ID (email address) and password, then click "Sign In" (サインイン) button.

If you have any troubles with signing in, please see Adobe ID account and sign-in troubleshooting.

Step 2. Input your institution information and redemption code

2-1. Input your education institution information

"学校の電子メールアドレス" (Email address from your school) field is optional. If you have one (such as address), you may input here.

2-2. Confirm your redemption code

You can confirm your code to scratch the concealed area using coin.

2-3. Input and validate your code

Input your redemption code and click the banner "メンバーシップを認証する" (Validate your membership).

Step 3. Auto renewal for your membership

In this screen, you can confirm your contract renewal date. You can register your credit card information here to renew your membership automatically.

If you prefer the auto renewal, click the banner "契約条件に同意する" (Agree with the terms of use) and then, continue to register your card information. If you don't prefer or are considering, click the text link "後で通知する" (Remind me later).

  • To register your credit card information,
    => Go to Step 3-1.
  • To avoid registering at this moment,
    => Go to Step 4.

3-1. Input your credit card information

Input the necessary fields and then, click "保存" (Save) button.

* "請求先住所" (Address) must be the same as the address information registered in your credit card.

Step 4. Let's get started using Creative Cloud

All the required processes have been done if the message "メンバーシップが有効になりました yyyy/mm/dd まで有効可能です" is displayed.

Navigate to Creative Cloud page to click "今すぐ始める" (Start Now) button.

Welcome screen will be displayed. To download and install Creative Cloud apps, click the blue banner  "Creative Cloud アプリケーションを開く".

For details about installing Creative Cloud apps, see Download and install Creative Cloud apps.

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