In AEM Forms JEE, a custom property is applied to all the assets of the type for which the property is added. This behavior is different from Livecycle ES4 SP1. In Livecycle, custom properties are individually assigned to an asset.  

Moreover, you can create a custom property such that either resides in AEM Forms metadata or is written into the form binary content. To write a custom property to the form content, prefix the custom property with a namespace 'fmg'.

For more information, see 'Changes in functionalities that existed in LiveCycle ES4 SP1'

LiveCycle ES4 SP1 had a functionality to activate/deactivate forms. This functionality is not available in AEM forms on JEE in its original form, by default. Instead, you can use more advanced feature (publish/unpublish feature) introduced in AEM Forms JEE to achieve the activate/deactive use case. For more details, see

However, you may want to retain the functionality of marking and searching the forms on active/inactive status. To achieve the functionality in AEM Forms, maintain the active/inactive status as a metadata custom property. For detailed steps, see 'Changes in functionalities that existed in LiveCycle ES4 SP1'

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