As of Oct 2015, Analysis Workspace does not allow pagination on downloaded PDF. Workspace was designed to allow user to put anything anywhere, and pagination would limit that flexibility. Adding it is not a trivial effort and would require lot of changes/additions to Workspace, therefore, Engineering cannot add the same immediately. This is a workaround for Analysis Workspace.


Analysis Workspace (Adobe Analytics)


Use collapsed, empty panels in Workspace as section headers. That way, you can tell that users go to section X and it is easy for them to find. 

Other things you can try:

  • If end users are only interested in one or two pieces of information, create a few Summary number panels and put them at the top of the Analysis Workspace project before generating a PDF.
  • Curate the Analysis Workspace project down to minimum visualisation/panels before generating a PDF.
  • Edit the visualization labels/panels to put something descriptive before generating a PDF.
  • Use a Text panel type to add a label or note or description or any text to their Analysis Workspace project before generating a PDF.

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