Because IPv4 has too few unique addresses to support the growth of the Internet, companies and ISPs are implementing IPv6. Most websites are not accessible via IPv6 yet. However, there has been growing momentum to support it over the last several years.

Internet Service Providers translate IPv6 addresses into IPv4 format before image requests reach data collection servers. Though Adobe Analytics does not yet support IPv6 addresses, IP-based features are preserved as long as ISPs provide an IPv6 to IPv4 translation service. IP-based features in Adobe Analytics include:

  • Reports based on geolocation
  • Filter internal traffic based on IP address
  • Exclude bots by IP address
  • Use VISTA to identify and filter or move traffic using IP address
  • Disallow Analytics logins by IP address
Adobe plans to support IPv6 addresses in the future. However, a target date has not been released yet. 

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