When viewing Geosegmentation reports, AOL visitors sometimes come up in their own separate category. AOL is an Internet service provider that provides dial-up access to the Internet to several million users. All AOL users are assigned to an access point based on the country where their account number is established. Access point assignments are not based on the country from which an AOL user is connecting to the site. AOL users use the IP based on the access point they are assigned to, and Geosegmentation reports are IP-based. Therefore, Adobe can't accurately determine the visitor's location. 

The following countries have AOL dial-up service. Visitors appear in the Regions, Cities, and Visitor State Report based on the country from which their account is based, not their actual location.

Country  Domain
Argentina aol.com.ar
Australia aol.com.au
Brazil aol.com.br
Canada aol.ca
Germany aol.de
France aol.fr
Hong Kong aol.com.hk
Japan jp.aol.com
Mexico aol.com.mx
Puerto Rico aol.com.pr
United Kingdom aol.co.uk
United States aol.com
AOL (Unknown Country) Look-up for IP not established

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