This article discusses steps to cancel incorrect data warehouse requests.


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When a Data Warehouse report contains a date range that extends into the future, then the system waits until the end date range completes before the request enters the queue to be processed. As a result, the request is delayed far beyond its usefulness and has to be canceled. More information can be found in our Help Section on Data Warehouse Best Practices.

  1. In Data Warehouse (Tools Step text > Data Warehouse), go to the Request Manager tab.

  2. Locate the affected request and select the specific Report Name hyperlink.

  3. In the pop-up, copy the Request ID from the Request History table at the bottom.

  4. To request the cancelation of a specific request in the interface, have a Supported User reach out to Customer Care with this ID.

    If a Data Warehouse request is scheduled recurring, ensure that the correct Request ID is supplied to Customer Care. To check whether it is the correct request, confirm its corresponding From and To date values. 

For scheduled requests that are to be canceled in their entirety, a "Cancel" option in red appears to the right of the Status column.

All canceled requests remain in the Request Manager list, but show "Canceled" status.

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