Commonly in an organization's implementation, there is a page view event in addition to regular page views. These events are almost always implemented in the s_code.js file as code that adds a custom event to the variable. Having page view events are advantageous in SiteCatalyst 14, especially in conversion reporting. It is helpful because they allow you to see the number of page views seen after a conversion variable was defined.

Adobe Analytics provides a page views metric for conversion reports by default, which acts almost exactly like a page view event. This metric removes the requirement to implement a custom page view event for these users, allowing that custom event to be used elsewhere.

Definition of metrics

Page Views: Displays the number of times the s.t() function was fired within the given date range.

Page View Event: Displays the number of times the custom event was fired within the given date range.

Comparison of metrics

Page views higher than page view events: If the custom event does not fire on every page, page views are higher than their event-based counterpart.

Page view events higher than page views: If you have the custom event defined in the s.linkTrackVars variable, the page view event fires in custom links without increasing page views.

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