Before your collected data reaches analytics servers, the following functions run in order:

  1. If large amounts of data are being processed, data is stored in a queue. The time this data is stored is known as report suite latency.
  2. Lookup tables: Data that relies on lookup tables (such as geosegmentation or mobile device recognition) is matched to a corresponding value.
  3. Bot Rules: Defined in Admin Tools > Report Suites, under  Edit Settings > General > Bot Rules.
  4. Processing rules: Defined in Admin Tools > Report Suites, under Edit Settings > General > Processing rules.
  5. VISTA rules: Custom rules applied to your data by an Adobe consultant. See for additional information.
  6. Marketing Channel processing rules: Marketing Channel variable values are assigned based on Marketing Channel processing rules.
  7. IP Obfuscation: If your organization has opted to obfuscate IP addresses in raw data, it is done so after all processing functions have completed.

From this point, data is copied to analytics data tables and data warehouse (if enabled). Once fully processed, it is available in reporting.

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