Segment logic involving revenue

Before 19 Jul 2013: Segments involving revenue are referenced down to the cent level. For example, if you want to only obtain data for purchases greater than $10.00, then you create this segment:

Visit container where Revenue is greater than 1000

Because 1000 cents are equal to $10, this segment is accurate.

After 19 July 2013: Dollar values (or equivalent base values in other currencies) are used as the numeric value instead of cents. This update means the segment mentioned above permanently and retroactively changes the segment logic to mean $1000 instead of $10.

User action

Adobe ran a script on 19 Jul 2013 that converts all segments that involve revenue values from cents to dollars. This script is not compatible with segments that contain additional logic outside revenue values. Check each revenue segment value and ensure that proper conversion has taken place. Once each segment is updated, all existing reports and scheduled reports that depend on that segment are automatically updated. No further action is required beyond checking and updating revenue-based segments. 

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