This report suite does not have all the dimensions/metrics enabled required to display this project. Please change the report suite or enable the required dimensions/metrics in the admin console.


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Why do I get "Incompatible Report Suite" error in Workspace?


This error is caused by a user permission who does not have access to the specific dimension metric:


You can identify the dimension/metric and grant access from Admin section for the relevant group that the user is part of.


If you have checked the permission and you still receive the warning, do the following:

  1. Check the Report Suite that you want to switch to.  It has the same Dimension, Metrics, Segments you use in Workspace.
  2. Open up the Workspace project -> Share -> Curate Project Data -> Clear -> Save. This reduces the available Dimension, Metrics, Segments, and Time that is used in the Workspace and you are able to switch between the two Report Suites without the warning. These dimensions, metrics, and so on, do exist in this Report Suite.

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