Understand how your organization can prevent undesired logouts and expired sessions in Adobe Analytics.


Users are frequently kicked out of Adobe Analytics mid-session either by a logged out message or expired session notification.


Adobe checks the IP address and compares it against the session ID each time a report is run. If the IP address changes during this session, the user must log in again. This functionality is a security feature designed to help safeguard data.

IP address changes are common in large networks of computers that share an IP address pool. Depending on how an organization's network is set up, a user's IP address can frequently change mid-session. This change triggers the security feature in Adobe Analytics, which logs out the user.


A whitelist of IP addresses can be provided to Adobe that allows mid-session IP changes.

  1. Work with your organization's IT Team to obtain a list of all IP address ranges used in your network
  2. Have a supported user contact Customer Care and provide the agent with the list of IP addresses
  3. The agent updates the whitelist for your login company on the back end to accommodate your organization's IP addresses

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