Why are typed/bookmarked Referrer Types decreasing after November 14, 2016 release?


Following changes were made in the November 2016 release (refer release notes for November 2016 release).

Removed restrictions on how Analytics handles technology data
Previously, Adobe Analytics did not record technology data for mobile web traffic. That is, reports in the Visitor Profile > Technology section in Reports & Analytics did not receive data for mobile web hits. However, from this release, the following reports populate from mobile web traffic:

  • Java
  • JavaScript/ JavaScript Version
  • Color Depth
  • Resolution
  • Browser Width
  • Browser Height
  • Referrer Type (typed/ bookmarked)

Previously, all mobile web hits were not attributed to the technology reports. That is, they were none for java, resolutions, and referrer type. Therefore, though a mobile web hit had a referrer for search engine before November, it was marked as typed bookmarked. Now, mobile web traffic is accurately being marked as the correct referrer type, for example search engine.

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