Note: Please be aware that the times listed below are meant to provide a general guideline for when the reporting processes should be completed and the various reports updated.  Due to processing delays or abnormally large data volumes, these times may need to be adjusted.

Standard Reports
The standard UI reports (Trait Graph, Segment Graph, etc.) are updated daily.  While the timing of the refresh varies depending on several back-end processing schedules, the reports are expected to be completely refreshed by 2pm EST.

Tableau Reports
The various Tableau reports are on different schedules, some being updated weekly while others are updated daily:

Weekly Reports with Average Completion Time
Overlap Reports - S2S (weekly on Saturday evening - 6pm EST)
Overlap Reports - S2T (weekly on Saturday evening - 8pm EST)
Overlap Reports - T2T (weekly on Saturday evening - 10pm EST)
Overlap T2T Incremental (weekly Sunday morning - 2am EST)

Daily Reports with Average Completion Time
Delivery and Performance (daily at 7am EST)
Unused signals (daily at 7:30am EST)
Campaign Performance (daily at 8am EST)
Daily Trait Variation (daily at 9:30am EST)
Audience Optimization (daily during the week at 10am EST)

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