Personalizing the sender

Email sender

To define the name of the sender which will appear in the header of messages sent, go the Properties tab of the Email Designer home page (accessible through the home icon).

  • The From: name field allows you to enter the sender name. By default, the default Sender name block is automatically entered in the field. Adobe Campaign refers to the email channel configuration (from the advanced menu Administration > Channels > Email > Email accounts via the Adobe Campaign logo) to designate this sender.

    You can change the sender name by clicking the Sender name block. The field then becomes editable and you can enter the name you would like to use.

    This field can be personalized. To do this, you can add personalization fields, content blocks and dynamic content by clicking the icons below the sender name.

  • The From: email address field cannot be edited from this section. You can change it by editing the properties of the email from its dashboard. For more on this, see List of email advanced parameters.


The header parameters must not be empty. The sender's address is mandatory to allow an email to be sent (RFC standard). Adobe Campaign checks the syntax of email addresses entered.

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SMS sender

You can personalize the name of the SMS sender. For more on this, refer to the SMS configuration section.

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